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Yardley Road,

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At One Stop Coatings, we have a wide range of equipment and space that helps us get the job done.




At One Stop Coatings, we have 3 main units that allows us to carry out the work. These units consist of a Shot Blast area, Main workshop area (were the work is carried out) and a packaging unit were all finished work is stored and ready for collection.


In our main workshop area, we have 2 curing ovens that range in sizes (see below) plus a tracking system.


Once all the work have been painted, they are stored in the packaging room, were we are able to package the work to our customers needs (please see What We Do page).













Curing Ovens


As stated above; our main workshop area have 2 curing ovens that range in different sizes. Our main oven (5 metres/2 metres) is used for our tracking system that consists of three stages. The work gets hung up (using a mesh cage and "V" shaped hooks) before the pre-treatment of the metal. After this, the metal gets it coatings (either primer or the finish coat) before being pushed into our curing oven and allowed to be cured. Once the paint is fully cured, it is then pulled out of the oven and inspected. Once the work has cooled down and approved, it can be packaged to the customers desire. This process is repeated for the next job, meaning the tracking system is consantly in use.


Our other curing oven (6.5 metres/3 metres (4 metres high)) is one of the biggest in the north west and is used should any work not be able to fit our main oven.

























Shot Blast


At One Stop Coatings, we have a shot blast facility at a grade SA3. This is used to remove any old paint or rust of metal work prior to coating. Freshly fabricated mild steel can also be shot blasted to give it a good adhesion for the paint and give it a longer life time.


We also shot blast old garden gates, car parts household objects etc, that can give them a fresh new look














Other Equipment


At One Stop coatings, we use the Samie E Series powder coating units. These use static and air to apply the powder coating onto the metel.


We also use Kremline Air assisted pump and gun, for use of wet paint and etch primer (should a customer request).

















Left: Our Main Workshop area, both ovens can be seen beside each other.

Right: The tracking system in use. The work is powder coated in a small booth, before being pushed into the oven for curing.

Left: Samie E Series Powder Coatins unit.


Right: Kremline Air Assisted Pump and Gun.

Left: Mild Steel frames being shot blasted prior to coating.

At One Stop Coatings, we have a variety of equipment that gets the job done:


  • Hodge clemco pot, holds 1/4 ton chilled iron.
  • Shot blast bay 5Mx6M.
  • Powder coating oven 5Mx2M.
  • Powder coating oven 6.5Mx3M (4M high).
  • 2x Samie E Series powder coating units & guns.
  • Kremlin Air Assised Spray pump & gun.
  • Long wheel based flat transit.
  • Fork Truck.
  • Digital film thickess gauage.


















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